Sunday, July 28, 2013

Taipei's heights (part 2)

After getting off the gondola, we decided to hike up Elephant Mountain, which is right next to Taipei 101. We walked past several street performers, but I didn't think to grab a picture of any of them...however, here's a picture with an Iron Man statue...
 and a shiny rhinoceros outside the Bank of China
We arrived at the mountain's base and proceeded to climb up 1000 feet worth of stairs to get to the top of the mountain. To provide some perspective - if you have ever climbed Bunker Hill...well, that's only 220 feet.
Here's what you find at the peak.

However, the view of my temporary home was fantastic. The tall building is the ever-present Taipei 101

 Here we are looking down into the neighborhood at the base. Folks from this neighborhood make the trek up the mountain everyday to use a community gym at the top. I didn't want to stick my camera in the local's face while they were exercising, so I don't have a picture of it.
 You can tell the difference in home construction as you get closer to the mountain side (and possible mudslides).

 And, one last picture of the city at sunset

 Here I am at the base of the mountain...after a shirt change.

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