Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bike ride/beach trip

I am on an island in the middle of the Pacific, but it took me 3 weeks to finally make it to the beach. Another fellow, Mylene, mentioned she was going and I decided to tag along. She was taking the subway to the end of the line to catch a bus. I decided to ride to the end of the line and meet up with her. I ended up riding about 17 miles along a nice river path. I did not have to deal with automobile traffic once because the path actually went under every road. It was nice... until it wasn't. It turns out there is a tributary that bisects the bike path without a bridge over it! I was about 3 miles away from the station when I realized this

 So, I ditched my bike at a station and took the subway the rest of the way. Here is a link to my route: 
Here is my bike

It may not be the best angle for this, but note my bike seat is a few inches higher than everyone else's

 So, I made it to the station and met up with Mylene. We then proceeded to ride a bus for an hour to the beach. Here Mylene is on our rented mat
 We only spent a couple hours there before we had to turn around. I wanted to catch a beer fest near my apartment. Here are a couple Harley's passing us while on the bus
 I then retrieved my bike and began the ride home. About a mile away from my apartment, my bike chain gets hopelessly lodged between my wheel and gears and I had to walk home (which is why there aren't more pictures of this really awesome ride)
 I then showered and met up with everyone for the beer festival....and then we came across a woman walking a parrot.
 Here the gals are with my lab mate, Sergio (In case you're wondering, he's not Taiwanese)
 You can drink in public here.

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