Monday, August 19, 2013

Snake Alley

A few of us decided to try the Huaxi Street Night Market by Longshan Temple. It is important to note that Longshan temple is a pretty popular tourist attraction. However, most folks here advise against exploring the area at night by yourself.  
We managed to find traditional clothing at the market (ignoring the shorts)

 But it seemed to specialize in seafood...

...and snakes. The market is also known as "snake alley", for good reason.

We decided to give the snake a try and ordered their soup.If you look closely, you can see chunks of the snake meat below.

As big as those chunks look, snake is extremely bony and there really isn't much meat on it. The texture of the meat was very similar to fish. We then decided to share shots of venom, blood, and snake gallbladder.

 Though the venom did have us a little concerned...

On my way home, I walked through NTU's campus and came across a flower blooming at night. Normally, that's not note-worthy, but this flower had several photographers set up around it so I decided to grab a photo and pass it on. Does anyone know what it is?

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